Graduated from Department of Japanese Literature, Faculty of Literature, Osaka Ohtani University​​​​​​​

June 1981

Started as an artist

June 1982

Established Stained Glass Studio Clay・DECO

December 1982

Held Exhibition at Tezukayama Gallery, Hankyu Glass de Building

February 1983

Moved to Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku Opened a class designated by Sankei Cultural Center Namba School

June 1987

Established a new studio “Studio DECO” in Higashinari-ku, Osaka

February 1992

Held a solo exhibition at Osaka City Central Public Hall in Nakanoshima

April 1993

Held Stained Glass class

April 1996

Held Stained Glass professional training course

April 1996

Appointed as an instructor for Kintetsu Nara Family Stained Glass class

April 2003

Opened Kobe Studio DECO at Guild & Antique Square in Shin-Kobe Oriental Hotel

January 2004

Lost an eye sight of one eye due to an accident.

September 2004

Moved to Kobe Studio DECO to Palparole in Motomachi, Kobe Opened Studio DECO “Kobe Glass Art House”

January 2013

Moved Studio DECO “Kobe Glass Art House” to Mie Hall in Kobe

February 2014

Closed Studio DECO “Kobe Glass Art House”

August 2014

Held an exhibition of works at Techno Home Co., Ltd. in Nishi-ku, Kobe

June 2015

Opened / Continued Akashi Okubo Studio DECO 

September 2019 – up to the present

Lecture at the New York Nikkei Association