Space design

There was a deep relationship between people and light. People has been in awe of the light of the moon and stars as well as the sun god and the rainbow has been regarded as a proof of hope. Stained glass was born and developed together with church architecture in medieval Europe. It had a mystery which was indispensable for Church as a mansion of God, and was one of the arts easily understood.

I have an obligation to pursue profits as we run a company and this has been an issue since I started this business. However, I believe that I must also fulfill my obligation as an artist at the same time.

Modern “art of light” includes LED lighting and projection mapping at night.   However, there are few opportunities and facilities to enjoy the dynamic art of light using natural light, and it is being forgotten by people of today. We believe that the responsibility lies with us stained glass artists.

It has been 20 years since I stepped back from the font line of the construction industry. 

After the burst of the bubble economy, there was no opportunity for stained glass to be used in public buildings as it had a flashy image as the construction material.

There were few master pieces that remained timeless and effective during the bubble era, so it might not have been noticed by modern architects as an attractive building material.

As a stained glass artist of today, I create artistic space which holds you in comfort with light shines on you, and propose new stained glass styles/shapes with full of possibilities as an artistic expression that can be done only in this era – and not for a religion or a as relic of the past.